Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Fans Have Spoken...

The Fans have spoken with their votes in the first ever poll conducted by Inside Lions Baseball.  When asked "Who would you like to see throw out the first pitch on Opening Day 2010", Lions fans responded with 43% wanting to see New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton throw out the first pitch when Southeastern hosts Eastern Illinois at Pat Kennely Diamond at Alumni Field on February 19, 2010.

Sean Payton, head coach of the New Orleans Saints, earned a degree in communications at Eastern Illinois.  As a quarterback for the Panthers Payton totaled 10,665 passing yards, then the third-highest total in NCAA Division I-AA history.

Poll Results:
     Sean Payton              43%
     Wade Miley               30%
     Coach Mike Lucas      17%
     Roomie                      8%


Chris Mycoskie said...

Has Southeastern contacted Sean Payton about doing this yet? Hopefully it becomes reality!

ILB said...

Chris - Last season the Saints were contacted but Coach Payton had previous commitments. Hopefully the Athletic Department can get him out there this year!

Thanks for your support!