Monday, January 24, 2011

College Baseball Today "Power" Rankings

You know the start of the college baseball season is just around the corner when all of the national publications and internet sites begin their pre-season specials.  In the college baseball world Eric Sorenson of College Baseball today is the man when it comes to pre-season college baseball hype.  Today the Stich-Head himself put together a power ranking of all 300 Division I baseball teams.

In his power ranking the SLU Lions roll in at number 47 (highest ranked SLC team).  Here is what Eric had to say about the Lions:

I get the feeling coach Jay Artigues is having trouble finding BCS-level opponents to have the guts to play them since they always end up throwing pies in their faces. With nearly the entire team intact from 2010, they’ll now have the chance to bust Garrett Wittels hit streak in weekend No. 1 and make some immediate headlines.

Click Here for the Power Rankings

Be sure to visit the College Baseball Today blog as they provide the best in-depth Conference Previews.  Also Eric gives the best daily coverage throughout the season.

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