Thursday, March 1, 2012

From the Dugout with Cody Gougler

To get an inside look at the 2012 Southeastern Louisiana University baseball team, ILB has asked senior OF Cody Gougler to write a weekly journal giving the Lion Nation a behind the scenes look at one of the top programs in the Southland Conference. To read all of Cody's journals you can click on his picture on the left menu.

Here is journal #2 for the 2012 season.

What’s up Nation! Hope everyone has had the chance to catch a few games at “The Pat” over the last couple of weekends. We’ve gotten off to yet another great start to our season with an impressive showing from our pitching staff and timely execution at the plate. With a opening series sweep over Indiana State, our eighth consecutive victory over the ULL Cajuns, and a tough sweep against Eastern Illinois, we entered our midweek game at Tulane with an undefeated 7-0 record. We suffered a healthy loss against the Green Wave and I truly feel it will mean more for us down the road that we were brought back down to earth for a day or two. Don’t worry though, spirits are high and we are ready for our first weekend road trip. This weekend we’re heading west on I-10 to take on Central Michigan and McNeese State in a Friday-Saturday round robin tournament. Looking forward to seeing how our young guys react and adjust to life on the road. This will be a good test as we attempt to get ourselves ready for conference season which is right around the corner!

I would really like to encourage all of the Alumni to continue to enhance the atmosphere of the “Psycho Pats” on top of the Strawberry Stadium parking garage. It was awesome to see the guys up there last Sunday with the brooms and air horns. I think I even heard Cole Catalano mix in a few Ruben chants! The weather is starting to warm up and it is imperative that we start packing out “The Pat” to create a Home Field advantage like no other. So far, so good! I would also like to give a shout out the Lion Football team for tailgating and getting rowdy at last Saturday’s game. That stuff was hilarious and I hope they can keep it going.

With the chance to do this blog for all of you I’ve decided to do a few different things to spice up the fun a little bit. The things I will do will be different from time to time but this week I would like to start off with a “Not So Top Ten” list so far from the first two weeks of the season. So, with that being said, let the fun begin!

Not So Top 10: First two weeks of the season

10. Worried Already?--- Alumnus Jeff Harkensee called our hottest hitter at the plate so far, Brock Hebert, to discuss the possibilities of Brock breaking his all time doubles record (26). Records are meant to be broken bro. Love ya Hark!

9. Dressed To Impress--- Harry Slade wore his BP top under his jersey opening day. That’s flat out ridiculous. Amateur.

8. We No Semi Pro--- You tube phenom, Domingo Ayala, tweeted good luck to the Indiana State baseball team in their season opener. Let’s make sure we remind @DomingoBeisbol it’s time to #LionUp

7. Ryan Downing got a girlfriend.

6. Music selection for Stopper of The Year candidate Stefan Lopez’s entrance. How bout something that gets the blood pumping!

5. One of the guys on the other team was called out because he stepped on the plate while bunting. That call hasn’t been made in 29 years.

4. What’s all the buzz about? The hottest night club in Hammond is back, keeping students away from “The Pat” on Saturday and Sunday afternoons!

3. Brain Out---Coach Artigues was convinced that moving game two of the season opening series against Indiana State back to 6 p.m. would help us avoid a Sunday double header. There are still puddles.

2. Roll call--- Heard it one time. Let’s go people. Keep the tradition alive! Yankee Roll Call

1. Number one this week goes to my boy Harry Slade. Terrible celebration man. Everyone pay close attention to our hero as he hi-steps after his walk off hit. Begin the video at the 7 minute mark and watch as Harry runs from first towards second base.  Click Here to see the "Harry Hi-Step" at the 7min Mark

That’s it for this week, hope to bring some more exciting news and fun entries to you guys in the near future. Until then it’s time to #LionUp and get back in that win column this weekend!

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